I am Pastor Shannon Popp, and I am married to my beautiful wife Ginger; we have two daughters and a son. I am a native to Colorado and love serving God in the area He planted our family 140 years ago. As someone who preaches to both the studious Christian, and those seeking Jesus, I strive to bring the accuracies of God’s Word on the weekend into our weekly realities by using metaphors and stories that create readiness that nudge people to a receptive insight and the transforming truth of the Gospel.

My Hope for South Holly is that we would be a family of men and women who know and worship the One True Triune God rightly, that we would walk hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder together and view this world through the eyes of our Creator, and work together on mission with Jesus Christ in compassion, mercy and grace to carry one another’s burdens and reach lost people in our city.

Pastor Rod and Susan Henderson