Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage

Does Your Marriage Need a Little “Tune Up”? 

But your husband is a little queasy about going to a deep & “heavy” marriage seminar? Whether your relationship is seriously troubled or just needs a little fine tuning…we may have just what you need:

 “Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage” by Dr. Mark Gungor

Sessions include:

  • “The Tale of Two Brains”
  • “The #1 Key To Incredible Sex”
  • “Becoming Compatible”
  • “How To Stay Married and
  • “How To Stay Married and Not Kill Anyone”

This is not a seminar for just religious or “spiritual” couples; it’s for anyone in a marriage relationship – and we’d love to have you come, laugh & benefit from the video presentations!

Cost is less than $40/couple – but scholarships are available.

Childcare is also available upon request.

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